Hair-On Hide Rolls

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Dogs love the unique texture of our hair-on beef hide rolls! These all-natural, chemical-free chews last long enough to be used over multiple chew sessions. The hair is rolled on the inside for a mess-free experience and your dog will have a blast “discovering” it as they chew.

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These full-hide dog chews are great for your power-chewer. By leaving the hair on, the chews last longer while also cleaning up the entire digestive system. You won't find any industrial chemicals or additives in these hides. They are 100% natural beef hides sourced from local ranches.


Our chews are hand-cut and air-dried, so sizes are approximate. Thickness (and chewing time) will vary depending on which part of the cow each individual chew comes from.


Dogs get a lot of benefits from chewing. It relaxes them and releases dopamine and serotonin, which are responsible for feelings of happiness, joy, and peace. If you want to get the most value from your chews, let your dog have the chew in 15-30 minute chew sessions. Take it away for a few hours in between. This will space our the dopamine and serotonin so your dog gets to feel good for longer, it makes the chew last longer because it re-hardens in between sessions, and it's safer for the dog.

Safety & Storage

Chewing should always be supervised. Our hides are incredibly durable, but some dogs may still tear large pieces free and try to swallow them whole. To prevent blockages, remove any ripped pieces that could be a choking hazard. If your dog is chowing down too fast to be safe, consider trying a larger size. Store chews in a cool, dry place. Our chews have no preservatives or disinfectants, so make sure there is good airflow (no plastic bags or containers) to avoid mold growth or moisture buildup. For long-term storage, hides can be frozen to keep them fresh.

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12 reviews for Hair-On Hide Rolls

  1. Meagan Mason (verified owner)

    My friend recommended these to me, I was skeptical at first (the hair 🤣) but her dog loved them! I ordered a set for my pup and immediately she is obsessed. Feels good knowing she is getting all natural products!

  2. Caroline Cannell (verified owner)

    My girl absolutely loves her ugly chew!

  3. Jess Lovan (verified owner)

    Amazing chews! Best part is my pup does not get room-clearing gas when he eats these!

    Hair-On Hide Rolls
  4. Ari (verified owner)

    My boy was interested as soon as he smelled the package. Took him less than 2 minutes to figure out this was for him and away he began to chew. He broke a piece off in the first few minutes, so definitely monitor your pup! About to purchase more of these for my big chewer! Full zen mode activated!

    Hair-On Hide Rolls
    Hair-On Hide Rolls
  5. Beck (verified owner)

    My pibble loves these chews! They are long lasting and a good deal for the size! Love the ethical sourcing and zero waste!

    Hair-On Hide Rolls
    Hair-On Hide Rolls
  6. Amy (verified owner)

    My puppy pibble girl absolutely LOVES the large chew. It lasts a long time and doesn’t upset her tummy like everything else seems to. Only problem is taking it away because she gets mad and searches for it for the next few hours and will throw a fit when it’s taken away. I’ll only be giving her these from now on. So glad I found this company!

  7. Shiloh Broadway (verified owner)

    Love these chews! Huge hit with my own dogs and any other dogs we know! They are long lasting, even for our bully and I love that they are local and still have all the hair keeping my dogs teeth looking great! I have been telling everyone I know to buy them and I’ll certainly be ordering more.

  8. Stephanie Filho (verified owner)

    Hazel is in love with Ugly Chews! She’s gnawing down on it as I write this review. The chews are as described. You can tell it’s a natural, minimally processed chew which is what I had been looking for. May be strange for some but it’s actually kinda cool to see the different hide colors like, “today you get the black and white hide, Hazel”. Seriously though, these chews are awesome. They provide mental stimulation, stress relief, aid in teeth cleaning, and they last through several chewing sessions. When I came upon this small business I actually bought the biggest bulk size (a dozen) in the 12 inch length as my first order and I do not regret it one bit! I will be buying more for sure!! Thank you Ugly Chews Team. You guys are great 🙂

    Hair-On Hide Rolls
  9. Shayla McNiven

    I bought a couple medium ugly chews for my 11 lb Maltese Chiweenie, Sidra (pictured) and 17 lb Shih Tzu Poodle, Snoopy. both of them love them so I had to go back and buy 4 more! Even though they are small dogs, they like the medium size because it’s easier to hold and after about 2.5 inches, it gets hard for them to hold so I have a bunch of ends laying around. I love the ugly chews because it lasts was longer than a bully bone for about the same price. It is a little tougher for Snoopy to eat because he is 11 years old and down to 12 teeth, but especially for a 2 year old puppy line Sidra who loves to chew things, Ugly Chews are hit!

    Hair-On Hide Rolls
  10. Kristina (verified owner)

    My blue heeler and brittany pups both loved their chews! Typically they both fly through chews, but the ugly chews lasted for a couple of sessions over 3 days!

  11. April Oostveen

    Miss Zoey couldn’t wait for the”treat” to be revealed when I got home. She has been chewing on it nearly non-stop for the last 3 hours and doesn’t forget to carry it with her everywhere she goes. This Ugly Chew definitely lasts longer than other chews she has enjoyed previously.

    Hair-On Hide Rolls
  12. Kaya Allen

    My 12 year old lab mix and 6 month old pit bull mix loved their rolls. The 12 year old is a chewer and her roll lasted her a good hour longer than anything else we’ve given her. Their breathe didn’t smell any worse than before after eating the rolls and their bowel movements were normal. Can’t wait to order more!

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