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After we clean and cut our hides, there are always bits and pieces leftover. Pieces that are weird shapes that don’t fit our normal roll and chip sizes. Eliminating waste is one of our guiding values, so instead of throwing these misfits out we dry them and sell them by the pound. Who knows what will come in your mystery box of extra ugly chews!

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Items will be selected for your box based on the size of your dog. They might be pieces that are misshapen, a little messier, or new products we're testing. Anything that doesn't fit our standard sizing and pricing gets added to a mystery box!

Because these pieces are inconsistent, please use caution. Make sure treats are an appropriate size and condition for your dog.


Dogs get a lot of benefits from chewing. It relaxes them and releases dopamine and serotonin, which are responsible for feelings of happiness, joy, and peace. If you want to get the most value from your chews, let your dog have the chew in 15-30 minute chew sessions. Take it away for a few hours in between. This will space our the dopamine and serotonin so your dog gets to feel good for longer, it makes the chew last longer because it re-hardens in between sessions, and it's safer for the dog.

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7 reviews for Chips, Chunks, & Scraps

  1. Koko and Dorian (verified owner)

    ROCK AND ROLL! Our pack loves these rolls and our fosters love these rolls! What do I love? No chemicals, no additives, no preservatives. The hair is rolled to the inside so if that is an an issue to you – please don’t let it deter you. All of my pups, fosters and shelter doggos have eaten the rolls and chunks without issue.

    The rolls are great for enrichment AND I see improvements in dentition in my fosters as well with IMMEDIATE decreases in tartar!!

    For a Christmas surprise, the shelter puppers were graciously donated “scraps” from Ugly Chews and on Christmas morning it truly was a Christmas miracle….
    when the shelter puppers received their chunks and scraps there was COMPLETE silence at the shelter. No barking, just peace and quiet as they all enjoyed their nomnoms. Shelter puppers hardly ever get that mental break so we are so grateful to you Ugly Chews!

    I have powerful chewers that have visited our home via fostering and the Ugly Chew chunks and rolls have been a new found nomnom blessing.

    I can’t say enough about this company. The customer service is phenomenal. The product is phenomenal. The treat gods have smiled down upon all of us. THANK YOU UGLY CHEWS! may every success and happiness find its way to you.

    We are so thankful to you for your support of shelter and rescue doggos!

    Chips, Chunks, & Scraps
    Chips, Chunks, & Scraps
  2. Meghan (verified owner)

    Our three dogs loved these! Great quality and value especially when considering they are from the US and so minimally processed. Will definitely be a repeat customer in the future once we make it through this box. 🙌

  3. Lindsey Anderson (verified owner)

    Not only did they ship quickly but my dogs loved them! They are not typically a huge fan of hide rolls or even the larger squares you can get other places but the chips were a hug hit with all 5 pups.

  4. Beck (verified owner)

    Great use of leftovers, dogs love them all the same

  5. Jess (verified owner)

    Amazing!!! Our pups absolutely loves these! This is our second purchase and definitely plan to purchase again soon!

  6. Shiloh Broadway (verified owner)

    Love this no waste option for chews! They are the perfect size to add to their meals for something extra and our dogs love them! I ordered the smallest quantity and we will be stocked for months! Absolutely great quality and value. The pieces are on the small size so they are ideal for dogs in the 30# range.

  7. Kaya Allen (verified owner)

    The chips, chunks, and scraps were the perfect way to introduce our 10.5 week old puppy to the ugly chews. She had no issues processing hers the next day.

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